JDA's Modeling Thread - Updated 6/28/2011

I’m going to build up a large collection of different models ( objects/subjects) for
future projects so instead of making a different post for each one I’ll
just post it all here.

I encourage anyone interested to subscribe to this Thread as I will be adding
lots of links to tutorials, .blend files, references and posting images.
That way you can get what I have so you can do the same if you want.
Also this first post will serve as an Index so you won’t have to dig through
16 pages or whatever to find what you want to read.INDEX

  • Model Subject #1 - Oil Barrel
  • Model Subject #2 - Wooden Palette
  • Model Subject #3 - Hydrogen Tank
  • Model Subject #4 - Wooden Crate Type 1
  • Model Subject #5 - Aluminum Can
  • Model Subject #6 - Coffee Mug
  • Model Subject #7 - Six Sided Die
  • Model Subject #8 - Warren Truss Bridge
  • Model Subject #9 - Retro Television
  • Model Subject #10 - Gasoline (Jerry) Can
  • Model Subject #11 - Ammo Can 7.62mm


  • Model Subject #12 - Ingram M10 .45 ACP
  • Model Subject #13 - 20’ Foot Shipping Container
  • Model Subject #14 - Traffic Cone
  • Model Subject #15 - Wooden Barrel
  • Model Subject #16 - Barrier - Type: Crowd
  • Model Subject #17 - Barrier - Type: Jersey
  • Model Subject #18 - Garbage Container
  • Model Subject #19 - AM FM Radio
  • Model Subject #20 - Old Shack

Here is the Oil Barrel or Drum. Included is a Flammable sticker I made with blender
that’s pretty accurate. There is another one that almost exactly the same except
it says Flammable Liquid.

Feel free to use it as a reference. I still need to do the caps and I do have a start on
the big one so that will be next.

Here are both the main and secondary Caps for the Oil Barrel.

Here is a Wooden Pallet model finished today.
Also included are the Scale drawings I used to make the model.
I didn’t bother making nails because I’d most likely use texture maps instead.
So if you need a pallet just use the drawings they are pretty accurate.

A Tank for Gases. This one has Hydrogen.
A good example .blend of an Air Tank very similar to this that you can
check out for reference.


Model is almost done. Added threads to top of tank and re-modeled cap.
The cap is better but it’s not the right shape and there is at least one small
hole missing.

Just one of a couple different crates I’m working on.
Finished rounding off all edges on boards. This ones
pretty much done and ready for wood textures.

Simple Aluminum Can modeled to scale
using the real thing as a guide. Now
I just need to start saving up labels.

Just another Coffee Mug, nothing spectacular.

A very old model of mine that maybe of use for a scene someday.

A project I started last year but never finished. This model
is currently being reworked to fix mistakes.

Links of goodness.

Newer version of the old design. 1:1 Scale.

A sort of old retro style TV (Television).

Updated 6/26/2011

Here’s the start of a U.S. style Jerry Can. The handles on this thing look
a bit tough to model so I’m a bit worried about it.
I really need to finish this one for some confidence.

is your favourite colour orange? lol

:smiley: No I hate it!

Great models, but what’s with all the orange?! Do a clay render or a white matte material!!

Great models, but what’s with all the orange?! Do a clay render or a white matte material!!
Thanks for the compliment. The color I use is so I can see it better. I didn’t think anyone would even care what color they are.

UPDATE 5-13-2011

Alright as requested. Clay style renders.
Hope you like it because I’m not going to change it
to any other color then Default Light Grey or back to
High Visibility Orange.

Definitely a work in progress here. I thought this would be fairly
easy to model, man was I wrong.

Small Update 5/26/2011
Some more work finished on the front locking mechanism and the lid.

Nice work on the ammo container :wink: The others are really good too, but that one I like the most. I didn’t see any problem with the brownish orange renders but… oh well.
Would you mind posting the wireframe for the ammo can? I’d really like to see how you modeled the thing.


Sure, no problem.
We are limited to 3 images per post here so I’m just going to give a link to my Drop Box Public Image Folder and put all my images there.
Let me know if you want anything else about these 3D models.
10 1/4"inches Long x 6 ½ inches Tall. x 3.½ inches Wide.

Nice. Textures?