Jedi Tank

:smiley: Well, I made this jedi tank ok? Looks real good if I may say so myself. I’m going to UV map it, and when I thought to do this, I thought hey, maybe its good for the Game Engine. So…go the the link below and check out this tank. It only has 3125 verts. Which, I think, is very low, right?
My question is, is 3125 verts low enough for the game engine?

Oh, BTW: How do you like the model?

it’s not really low enough for the GE,

possibly for other GEs though

Ok, Thanks. I was just wondering! :slight_smile: What is considered to be a viable number for the GE?

As low as possible :smiley:
When you make a game like pros, you have to decide the “poly budget” for all the objects game will handle.

So keep the poly count of each object as low as you can.

Yes, keep it as low as possible. I like the model, it’s very well done :slight_smile:
You might have to restart from scratch if you want it to be low enough to handle it in the game engine.

Nice done this Model. I like it. But yes, You should do some “fixings” at the round Surfaces. The Rest is lowPoly enough i think.

Try this Trick:
Disable the Collision of all Faces of this Model.
Copy the Model an delete all unnecessary Faces, diesable Textures of the Rest and set them also to invisible and collision ON.
Now You have a lowest-Poly-Model just for Collision detection. Make it Parent to the visible Model like a Hull.

Such a Hull is easier to calculate with Physics and Stuff. That means, You can use more detailed Models inside.

Disabling the Collision of most Faces as possible saves a lot Power. And even more with using a “Collision Hull Mesh Object”. Try it, and You will see. :slight_smile:

Our little GE has more Power than most People think. This is not only a Blender Trick. Some other Engines goes a similar Way. This is a regular Technique.