Jeep (noob)

Ok i followed a tutorial to get this this is my frist multi piece and multi material Project, I know its bad but its a start and i really learned alot… Also if someone had an idea for a easy beginner project could you please suggest !!! thanks


Congrats on finishing your first project! For a second project, try modelling an item you have at home, that way you can take as many reference photos as you like, or just place it on your desk as you model. A friend of mine decided to model her PS2 controller. Start shape by shape like you probably did with the jeep. In this example, you might make the joystick part, then the bit that slots in to, then work your way out to a full controller.

Whatever you pick, just break it down and go at it piece by piece to start with. :slight_smile:

Thanks and good advice

this sites tutorials are really good.

i learned allot

i don’t want to discredit you or anything but i think that those precision tuts might just be a bit too big of a byte to chew when you’re rather new. i know that i was not able to do them when i just started.

i would recommend doing the pretzel video tutorial series:

their all video so you can see exactly what is done and should not get stuck.

Thank you both for the amazing tutorials , keep them coming lol ill sure to Do them , (eventually atleast for the harder one)