Jeep Willy's (first job in Blender)

A question from beginner:

I want to group some parts of the model and I know how you create groups in Blender, but I can create a group as in 3ds Max (one gropu-object for move, rotate and scale)? it’s possible?

End of the front part of Willys

Wip Up

Created and made the dash of willys. From now, addition of details…

Up Wip.
Began modeling interior etc.

Update Wip

Completed the modeling of the seats of the jeep and I have not detailed the seat covers. I think to use a normal/bump map for the details. The w.i.p continue…

I use a sort procedural cloth for it which looks nice on the seat
from Elub thread !

my model was more med res

looking nice

happy cl


Thanks for the tip RickyBlender. I run to see the thread :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the support!!!

Nice thanks!!! Truly interested in the construction of the material (I have been using mental ray, but I must say that Cycle material is really good) thanks again!!

Hi, yes, create an empty object, select all objects of your group, add the empty to the selection last, then press “P” (Parent to Object, keep transform).
You can also use the car body instead of the empty. then when you rotate, scale, move the empty or the car body all objects will follow.

Nice modelling btw!

Thanks 8DFineArt :slight_smile: You have literally saved my life! ahahahahahah :smiley: thanks again! +1

you could also join many objects if not most of them!
but depends on the workflow too you like!

did u began playing with cycle mat ?

happy cl

I began to see something, but I did not understand anything !! hahahahah :smiley:
I have to understand one things:the construction of the material (in blender is not so practical for me) :wink:
A week and I think to finish the willy’s, then I’ll jump on the unwrap and material… I hope for the best!

find free cgcookie intro to cycles nodes !

you can also look at more advanced nodes in Elub thread and ask questions !

happy ck

Thanks RickyBlender!

I started watching some tutorials and help for the material. Your tips are very useful, and I will follow them definitely :slight_smile:

Now my goal is to finish the modeling, the second step is to know the unwrap in blender and the third step is the construction material.

I hope that the Blender/World/user can help me in this long journey! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks again!!

for the seat it does not require UV unwrap
this is procedural texture !

happy cl

Yes, I have noticed that it is a procedural map (very cool). As mentioned above, I find it really interesting links that thou hast provided (blendswap and @elbrujodelatribu material tread), and they are to be studied in depth :wink:

awesome modeling!
Keep it up!

Thanks for the support ToshiCG!! :slight_smile:

Up Wip Willy’s

I started to add details. In this case the hooks to the bonnet and the headlight upper

did you find a real model for these headlight lamps

very strange shape and not certain what mat

happy bl