Jeep Willy's (first job in Blender)

I’ve found the reference images for this lamp. Yes it’s strange :smiley:

(Now, with reference to this picture I have to change a bit the model !!!)

don’t know if you want to go with old realist look
or brand new one

thanks for that one pic
was there other views for this
like for the glass inside or from the back ect…

happy cl

Honestly, I can’t imagine yet if create a new or old color for the Jeep… the reference image are of a car lived and operational in the WWII… finished mapping the model, I decide what color do (always if I can with blender to do all that I think!!)

Thanks for your support RickyBlender :slight_smile:

or make 2 models
one old with some grunge rust maps
and one with brand new paint

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Hahahhah nice idea!!! :smiley: +1

Up Wip Willys

Modeling of the windshield (some more details and it’s ended)

need a few fuel tank around may be an M-50 !
and a typical soldier or a general LOL

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Heheheh it’s a good idea RckyBlender :smiley: Time ago I made this model (in Blender started and finished in 3dsMax) of Panzer and I thought I put it into a common scene … see if I can …

Thanks for your Support!

may be add some rockets on the jeep and blow up the tank !

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hahahahhaah Ohhh yeeaaa hahahahahah :cool:

Up Wip Willy’s

Add more detail in the windshield. It’s finished.

Up Wip Willys

Add side mirror and shovel/ax (to finish)

As always, tips, suggestions and criticisms are welcome :slight_smile:

still need some Jerry cans for fuel and water and an M-50 LOL

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ok!! The details you’ve written will be their next !! :smiley: :smiley:

great technical detail

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

Up Wip.

Modeling almost over. Still to enter the Jerry cans and tires. Once created the unwrap of the model, I create two versions of the Jeep; a version “official” and a much more operational (think desert).


if you can find the real jeep for the desert rat
it would be a cool model indeed

here is my medium res model I did with M-50
Tires are low res I should replace with high res one!

happy bl


Very cool and fun your Jeep model RickyBlender!! If you want I can pass you my model of wheels :smiley: Here no texture? All maps are procedural?

I got many high res tires model proc or textured
not a problem
my proc tire high res is like 90 Kverts per tire
so a bit heavy but very nice

I did it med res cause I need to use this in a much larger scene
with a lot of objects and don’t really want to be higher then 1 millions verts
or my PC with overheat LOL

keep it coming

happy cl