Jeep Wrangler 2007

Jeep Wrangler RUBICON 2007

software: Blender, MegaPOV, Gimp, Photoshop

without postprocess,WIP


Nice one! Good job!

Maybe the tires should have the treads deeper, and the car should be dirtier, but it is good. And the mist ruins the picture, it is better without it. Now the contrast is low, only the red painted part stands out, but not the whole car.

OOOOH looks great! 5stars

wow 5stars! looks like a commercial XD

Only crit i have is that the background image could be a slightly higher quality.

The rest is pretty much perfect, one of the most proffessional looking blender made images i’ve ever seen. 5 stars.

Edit: MegaPOV, i’ve never heard of it, looks interestig.

Kill the fog, or have the car cutting through it.
The mud texture looks great. I can imagine it took quite a while to get looking right :wink:
Very nice complex modeling. But you let yourself down on the final composition, lighting and an overpowering fog.

The composition isn’t that bad. The fog kills the image though. Really distracting for what is supposed to be a product shot. There are some definite AA issues as well.

Modeling is spot on. Awesome job.


Modeling is great! but I agree with the others about the fog…

Awesome! The fog could be modified, but only that, keep the fog. The Jeep itself looks amazing!