Here is my bling bling Jeep …
Respect to the Blender Developers
Modelled in Blender 2.45 and Rendered in YAFRAY


Nice concept! Not sure if it looks anything like a jeep but it sure looks original.

Very interesting model, i really like it. I wd make the yellow paint less reflective…like twice, but it just me.

Like it very much, keep it up

nice jeep!
ditch the skylight and set up some real lights. the shot would be much more effective with some decent lighting.

The wheels would be tripple my height if standing next to them.

nice wheels…especially the wheels :wink: … need to work on the materials though

Model is nice… but the textures / lightning ruins it … :S


thanx for all your comments, i’m kinda new here
Yes the lightening is not great but i’m still learning…
Anyways i’ve been using blender for 2 years(i’m now 18)
and still at college doing media.
Looking forward to the next Blender release though…