Jeep's BWC 2010

Hey everyone! This year I’ll be working on making the river styx.
The basic idea is that Charon (the ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx) is on this big ship, sailing away from something.

I’ve done a few thumbnail sketches with pencil&paper, but this is the first photoshopped one. I’m keeping it small so I can focus on the composition, story, and color scheme without getting too weighed down by details.

This definitely isn’t final, so tell me your thoughts and ideas! I’m open to all kinds of suggestions - I want to get everything planned out in concept art before I begin doing the actual 3d stuff.


Good start. I like the composition, but I think it could do with showing a little more on the right, perhaps back to the entrance of the cave to show that lightsource. Not only would it create some great circular forms to lead the eye through (something you’ve got in there already but I think you could push it further), but it would also add some more story to the scene.

I did a paintover. Hope you don’t mind:

Hi, Jeepster.
Good luck in the contest. I am interested in how do you plan to apply the “Stop Motion” theme. I am a little confused about this rule, so I want to know how will tackle it the other contestants :).
Will the boat be from LEGO bricks :D?

I like this idea! I also like Ben’s compositional idea, but maybe not so pronounced. A combination of the two concepts may work out really nicely. A camera angle set a little below the boat would give a nice dramatic shot upwards at the ferryman.

I’m curious to see how the lighting is going to be. It’ll be quite tricky to light the scene seeing how everything looks like it will be underground. It ought to be nice and dramatic!

thanks for the paintover ben! I’ll have to think about what to put there.

ben : nice paint over .
jeep : good luck .

good luck man~ this looks interesting~hm, quite remind the King Kong movie when they reach the evil island~I think you could get some ideas from that movie. And try to make the ghost feeling hit us! :slight_smile:

Charon is a very enigmatic character. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Good luck!

Good luck Jeepster.
Some ideas here, its the underworld here, openings in plain sun, or plants should be avoided. Some ruined elements could help. Some trashes souls-people leave behind. Just ideas anyway…
Charon ( Haron is more close to greek pronunciation )