Jeep's sketchbook

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Cool to see the new sketchbooks forum! I’ll start mine off with a few older sculpts

I’ll post here with new stuff soon :slight_smile:

cool stuff, man…i gotta get a new computer.

That elephant looks great! Really interesting sculpts you’ve got here!

To Jeep’s works always *5

Yep, automatic 5 stars for Jeepster. :slight_smile:

Very great sculpts, the iguana is very impressive.

Each time I see your works I am hovering between swearing at my incompetence and applauding. After all these years still among the best sculptings I’ve seen in blender.

very nice work!

I just have to get a real job… lol, jeepster, you have awesome skills and a great eye

hah, thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:
here’s a sculpt I started for last week’s weekend challenge, but I didn’t finish in time

Very nice jeep, can I ask how you got all the tiny texture marks on the back of him? just using scupt tool or?

Incredible! :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile:
shutterpointent: what you’re seeing is probably a combination of leftover artifacts from the clay strips brush, and an alpha brush i used at the very end:

(note: i didn’t make this alpha, too lazy to find a link to the source atm)

Wow beautiful! I am agreeing with Psy-Fi on this one, although my work isn’t good anyway cause I’m a total newbie on Blender :). Great work!

thanks for awnsering my question and I must say, Very very very well done.

Good job!
Don’t you have problems working with 6 Million Faces? Can you tell us what machine do you have? :yes:

Great stuff mate!

Now that’s some sculpting

Great stuff in this section, and in this thread too!

new doodle