Jeff Lew's Greenguy converted

I sent Jeff Lew a converted Blender copy of his ‘Greenguy’ model, and he posted it on his product support page for download ( ). For those who are not familiar with who he is, he did ‘The Killer Bean’ animations, and has a character animation tutorial DVD out. I got it a year ago, and it has really helped my character animation… He’s got about 34 min of free footage on his site if you’re interested. Anyway, all that said, it’s another free model out there to play around with. I haven’t nailed down a good skeleton on it yet, but will do so soon.

Wow, how cool is that.

Not only is the green guy finally there for decent use within blender (the 3ds ones were terribly triangulated etc…)


you actually got “Da Man” himself to take notice…

Wow :o

hehe… yeah I was pretty amazed because he personally emailed me back :slight_smile: He asked what the status was w/blender, and I gave him a quick update. Don’t know if I’ll hear more from him (I left it open, because I plan to add the armature and then hand it to him again)… And maybe I’ll do the little yellow dude to, but he’s just not as fun.

I plan on getting his DVD at some point, and the green guy looks pretty neat. The yellow fella is boring, but the one which looks like a lot of fun is the big blue guy.

If only there were all three on his site for practising. That’d be ace. %|

I reckon the little yellow fella is just fine. Far more toony than the others.