Jeff Wayne's version of Tripods in War of the Worlds

Hi all,
This is my first thread, so forgive me for being a complete beginner (hehe).
After learning one tutorial from Rubbur’s PRecision Ball bearing modeling tutorial, i decided to create soemthing different on my own, with knowledge gained from him.
Of course, i used the front, top and side images. But thats obvious to most of you blender artist’s. It took me a total of say… 24 hours on/off to get this far. Mind you, im in no hurry, I just wanted to take it nice and slow and learn as much as I could with Blender3D.
Any feedback would be nice… hell even tips and tricks :stuck_out_tongue:


Hard to say with that screen shot. Perhaps set the opacity of the background references so that they are a bit more invisible. Then with a screenshot we could see your mesh better.

Its good to see you are progressing with blender. Post some closer views of the model with wires showing see this thread:

When it’s easy to see how you are constructing the model, its easier to offer C & C.