Jeff's Sketchbook Thread.

I got the lastest issue of ImagineFX and it inspired me to try some digital painting. I am no where near as good as the artist in the mag, but it was fun. This is a creature I tried to paint. I am not sure what to do for the background or to scrap it and just try another one. Might be easier to do one with the creature in an enviroment. Any ideas for the background? As you can probably tell I am new to digital painting. lol

You are onto a brilliant start in my opinion. What I like about your image is how you added your own personality to this with the array of colours and your own flamboyant brush stroke. Regarding the background/foreground, the creature appears to be between at least two sources of light . . . so a waterfall/or water related is in order, and the emotionally charged expression desires some dramatic event. And just to contradict what I advised . . . I think you should leave this as it is . . . and make another composition, this time let the whole image come from your minds eye. Sometimes this approach works better for me, although I lack the technicity to bring my creations exact to as I viewed it . . . then neither did Da Vinci.

Thanks for the reply. He is suppose to be that kind of bluish color and I did the red thinking there would be like a fire or something on that side of him to illuminate him. I was also hoping the red would help that arm come forward a little because it is a warm color. It is hard to tell in that picture but his arms are suppose to be long. He is suppose to be lanky. He is sort of based off of one of the angels from Evangelion, but it has been awhile since I have seen it though.

Great job. Your creatures looks tortured, but has a dreamy impressionistic feel as well.

Well done.


Very nice. Very stylistic. Honestly, if it was a well known graphic design artist, nobody would care that it’s not detailed because they would just think the artist was being artistic. One thing is his right hand (left looking at him) I think could be pointed more toward the camera, or something. It just looks a tiny bit odd composition wise right now.

Thanks for the comments. I like the first one better. I think it is those two colors coming together that makes it. I had more red in him but Gimp locked up my computer and the last time I saved was with it in black in white. Plus this one is a little too contrasty. Plus he looks like he is flipping someone off. lol. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? I am new to this so it is mainly just playing around. So if you are a digi painting pro I’d love to hear from you as well! Thanks for looking

edit: I made this one’s colors more like the first one. I still like the first one better, but now this one is not as bad.

Very nice

I think the problem with the hand is there because you need to place your colors more strategicaly.
Reds, on faces pointing left, blues on ones pointing right

Like you did with the torso, but smaller…and on the fingers

Edit: I was talking about the first one

Thanks. I realized you were talking about the first one. I tried fixing it, but don’t know if I added the right amount of red. I am going to see if I can salvage the second one I did. I think his spikes in the back aren’t long enough. I think the composition is stronger with the first one with the rightmost one going off the page.

thse are really cool. what did you use to paint them?

Thanks. I just used Gimp and mainly just the brush tool and eraser and smudge tool. I fixed the second one and will upload it after I eat.

As for an environment he seems like something that would live in a cave (which supports th blue color) and a fire could easily add that red effect to his skin or maybe he just is that way and there is no fire. Or, maybe thats an inner glow that only appears on one side of his body. You can’t really go wrong with a environment as long as it ties in with your character.

Thanks for the comments. I found an image of the guy he is loosely based off. It is the 3rd Angel from Evangelion. It has been awhile since I have seen it, so it is not a copy of him. I guess the main idea I took from his was “tall and lanky with long arms”

 I ordered a digital painting book so hopefully some later updates will be better technique wise.  I have some ideas that involve glowing tattoos and another character that is a hybrid of a human and whatever I decide to call this creature.  Thanks again for the replies.  I hope to update with another drawing after I do some homework.

Hi. I am finished with school so I have more time for personal projects now. I wanted to try to paint this guy again. I think it turned out ok. Now that I have the time I am going to read that book on painting I mentioned. I still haven’t tried an environment though. Any thoughts?

be sure to give happy little trees a friend. (you may not be old enough to know of bob ross)

I totally found some bob ross videos on a japanese site. I use to watch him paint back in grade school. Ah memories … wet on wet, happy little trees, that’s not a mistake just a happy accident… ross was/is the man. Crazy big afro.

I am going to turn this thread into a sketchbook thread. I’ve been working a lot so I brought a wooden hand and put it in my locker to sketch from during break. I also did a guy last night that I liked how it turned out. Not sure what to do with his hair.


Wow, your painting skills have improved.
The hands look good, but why buy a wooden one when youve got one attached to you? :stuck_out_tongue:
The mans forehead is to big, and his head is off centre from the neck. also from that angle I dont think you would see his right ear.
Not bad though.

Hey Jeff. Awesome stuff, I love the creature designs you’ve come up with - great work.

Following is critique about your head drawing:

Keep in mind the angle of the features in relation to each other. It may help you to draw a straight line through all of the major features of the face - eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, mouth, tops of ears, bottoms of ears, etc. and see if these angles are the same. If they’re not…Well, most likely certain features are on a different plane than the rest of the face. This gives the feeling of skewed features. Another thing that may help with head drawing in perspective is to mirror your image horizontally. This is really difficult to do traditionally, but scanning your images and mirroring them in GIMP should point out some issues that you may have made.

Here’s a paintover illustrating my point.


P.S. Please keep in mind that I’m a beginner artist and everything I say should be taken with a handful or two of salt.


Thanks for the reply. The wooden hand is helpful because it doesn’t move. If I don’t finish the pose by the end of break I can leave it right there and come back to it in two hours and it is in the same pose. They are fun to do and I want to get a light source to put in my locker so they have more dynamic lighting to copy. I also did some figure sketching from imagination last night. I think this one was the best of the bunch.

I hope to add some digital sketches but my tablet is acting funky in Ubuntu. The pen is stopping half screen and doesn’t go any further and the cursor keeps losing it’s position. I hope to get that resolved as I subscribed to ImagineFX and really want to do some digital stuff.

@funndevi - Thanks for the paint over. I still plan on working on the creature design a little more. I may try with an brush and india ink till I can figure out why my tablet is acting screwy.

Wow! this one is the best one, I think.