Jeff's Sketchbook Thread.

Thanks Mad Hatteur. Here is one I did yesterday.

I’m still trying to figure out what is up with my tablet so I can start adding some digital stuff here. Anyone have an idea I’d love to hear it.

I managed to use my tablet. The weird thing is once it gets to the middle of the screen it stops working. I can start a line on the left side of the screen and carry it over to the right and it works. I also can’t access buttons on that right side of the screen. I had to put the tools on the left side to be able to switch tools. Opening drop down menus if the menus reached over to the non-working side I couldn’t activate them. I had to switch to my mouse to use filters. Needless to say it is annoying.

I managed to fix my tablet problem. Not sure how it got fixed but it sorted itself out. I am working on a game project now doing concept art so I am trying to get better with my tablet. I did this fairly quickly. It started as a pencil sketch and then I smudged it and started working with value. Anyone have any good exercises they’d recommend to get better with tablets?

Some ink sketches from imagination. A sort of anatomical position and one with a little twisting. Damn tablet is acting up again and only working on half the screen. Of course I just watched videos last night I purchased from CA with the amazing artist James Kei and was eager to get painting - damn technology!

My tablet stopped working and I finally got it working. I started working on this earlier this morning. Just something random taht came about from a blank canvas. The first image is the original and the second image has another layer where I roughed in a cloth mask and where I want to move the shoulder. It is still a wip but I like what I have so far.

Tried working on this some more. I am still not happy with the shoulder pad. I am going to try to desaturate it and then colorize it. Do you normally texture after coloring or before? Or does it matter? I feel like I am learning a good amount from this image and it is fun. Any C&C?

I really liked the feathery look at the back of the helmet. It had a great look to it.

I agree. I liked the way it looked but was having a hard time resolving the back of the helmet. I guess that is the challenge when making a drawing with no real plan at first. I have a copy of the file saved with the hair still so I may try and work with it. Maybe I can turn it into a custom brush - I dunno.

I got Fantasy Workshop, which is a book put out by ImagineFX and also Mechanika by Doug Chiang. Both are pretty helpful but I think Fantasy Workshop has given me more ideas on how to improve. Right now I am working my way through Digital Painting Techniques. Reading the books showed me I was doing some things kind of backwards so I think they will help and hopefully it will show up in my work.

I liked the earlier sketches more… they implied a lot more shape and textural interest… As you’ve resolved the drawing you’ve made it seem flatter, less solid and compositionally cramped… (now that the helmet has no space behind it)

Compositionally the original sketches had the “weight” or “mass” of the drawing nicely following a “rule of thirds” style composition (draw 2 lines horizontally and vertically dividing the opposite edges into 3 equal parts and you’ll see what I mean)

as for colouring/texturising it doesn’t matter whether you split them out or do all at once or change the order…

I do subscribe to the theory that at every completed stage the picture should be able to be viewed as “beautiful” (or at least gel as a whole as beauty may not be the intent!)

there is some nice work here linuxpimp21. On the drawing side I think you pet you lines way too much. try and draw with few lines that move in clean swipes. One of the best draughtman out there is Ron Lemen you should check out his videos he tends to draw with few, long and varied lines that sweep very beautifully.

Thanks for the replies. I had a gut feeling pushing the head back was a bad move but was having a hard time resolving the back of the helmet. That was a cop out on my part. I watched the composition video from and that has given me some good things to think about, which hopefully will improve my compositions.

I have an issue of ImagineFX where Ron Lemen did a leg tutorial. I checked out his site and he has some of the videos he did for the magazine on there. Definately a level I aspire to achieve someday.

I tried drawing at a higher resolution to see what my computer could handle and most brushes work fine. I did this doodle while testing it out. One thing I have learned from reading a lot about digital painting recently is that I should have a better idea of what I want to draw before starting. That is one thing I know I need to work on.

I agree with Michael W

Here is some more recent stuff. Cakebot was just something silly to warm up with. The female started out as random marks and was on her side when I noticed it looked like a female. I have to work on that some more. I tried overlaying her in Cakebot to see what it would do.

The face is what I’m working on now, but getting stuck on what I need to do with it next. Any suggestions on that would be helpful.

I found a place somewhat local that offers model sessions for 10 bucks a session so I am going to try to make it to those.

Thanks for taking a look.


Any colleges around you?
They usually offer walk in sessions,
but you could always ask a friend if they wouldnt be that creeped out.

I meant I did find a place. It is an art center about 20-30 minutes away that have an Open Studio Figure Drawing session for 10 bucks every week. I found out about it from my manager at work.

This one comes from being frustrated. Just getting annoyed with myself I guess.

I know that feeling! The piece conveys it very well.

Thanks Ben. I think one of my (many) problems is I was focusing too much on the rendering of a piece and not on communicating the idea. I was getting frustrated that my images weren’t coming out looking the way I wanted. Hopefully if I just worry about that without trying to make it look a certain way that the rendering will come with time.

This one came from a migraine and contemplating mortality. I tried overlaying a texture but it was competing too much with my marks. While posting it I thought maybe a tighter crop would maybe heighten the idea. Which you think works better? I can’t think of what the extra space does to the viewer.

I’m trying to get better at the coloring process as well as better overall. Here are some recent images that I hope you can C & C. Thanks for viewing.