Jello - First Character Animation.


I did this as a school project. It was supposed to be 2D because we had not had any 3D classes yet, but I knew Blender so this is what I did.


ya! the little green guy wins! hooray for the underdog.
Love your logo intro btw.

Lol nice. Would be much better if you did it so the fork is still moving in slow mo and you did a 360 degree camera orbit. Oh and don’t forget those little air distortion things. Anyway I like the idea. How long did it take to render?

well, I did not want to completely rip off the Maxtix, just a little Homage( but I do think air ripples would look cool!) :wink:

It took all night to render, but we had a power failure sometime during the night so it actually took less then that.

Haha! Wow, that’s cute and funny! Btw, did you do the intro sequence with Blender? or with AE? Really love it. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I used Both.


cool…that’s an AWSOME studio screen!

I never knew chewing jello sounds so crunchy… lol

lol, yeah it was the only sound fx I had. We will just say it was for dramatic effect. :wink: