Jello test

Hey everyone!

I was playing around with softbodies and came up with this result. Enjoy!

Enjoy and leave comments!



aha,this is actually a very intresting peace of work.My only crit is that doesnt jelly leave marks after an object has benn inserted?

Haha yeah.

Thanks for the comment!

I was just playing around with softbodies though 0_0, so I didn’t really see a need to leave marks.

Thanks again!


ya know that shadow is pretty good, and would look better if a layer of refelection (blurred) would be inserted.

it would complete the “photo-imersion”

I know it’s just a test, but I would be looking at the lighting rig, The shadow under the spoon should be geting more dense as the spoon approaches the bench top, not the other way around. Nice composite too.

mmmmm Jello (droool)