jelly text

hi, ive recently had the task of making jelly type text to fall on a plane, however two things happen, one is the fact that making the text into a mesh uses a lot of vertices, which in turn crashes my laptop when trying to add a soft body to it. secondly the mesh completely collapses when it hits the ground,
anyone out there know the best way to go?

First off your probably better off meshing out the text yourself as the blender text makes a mess of triangular polygons.

As for the collapsing try reading up on softbodies on the wiki. I believe there is a internal spring setting for that.

Consider not using soft bodies directly on the text.
Create a simple box with internal structure.
E.g. starting of with a subdivided plane and extrude individual face.

Make this box soft body and tune edge push pull and bending stiffness to your you needs.
Finally add a mesh modifier to the text and make the "“proxy cube” the target.
It is similar to a soft body lattice which might work for you as well, but in this case you have control over the shape of the stunt object.
example blender 2.49b
SBMODTEXT.blend (150 KB)