jelly type of effect.

is there a way to animate something like if it would ‘‘bounce’’ , for example when i grab a plastic or rubber stick and you bend it and then you let go it goes back and forward like : boin oin oin oin oin ! like like when you play a string in a guitar it goes up n down and and decreases untill it stops ,

so is there a way to to this , but not keyframing all the movements , something more automatic.

thanx ;D

I’m afraid you’re going to have to keyframe it, but you would probably only need 5 shape keys or so to get decent results

try a wave modifier, play with it til you like it. stacking several works well.

I animated a bouncy fiberglass fishing pole with a beveled bezier curve. It has 2 shape keys, straight and fully curved. I added a softbody effect to simulate the boinging back and forth when it straightens out suddenly. It works surprisingly well; if I ever get around to animating the characters you might see it in this month’s Animation Challenge.

Here are the softbody settings I used. YMMV:
Friction 0.5
Mass 0.3
Grav 0.0
Speed 1.0
Use goal ON, no weighting or groups.
Goal: .6
G Stiff: 0.32
GDamp, Gmin,Gmax at defaults
Use Edges & Stiff Quads: OFF

I hate to break it to ya, but 3d animation isn’t always “Automatic.” Of course the fun part is doing stuff frame by frame, whats the fun in it if the software does all of it for you?

Anyway, yeah, it would probably look best if did frame by frame :smiley:

You could play with the softbody though, just that it probably looks better hand keyed.