Decided to start a new scene, and somehow got the idea to make a bunch of jellybeans. Still working on it, feedback/critique/ideas are all welcome!

i saw a video a while back of a jar of jelly beans flying out of a jar, i tired to make one myself but failed to get the beans to stay in the jar and not spaz out and ignore collision objects.

only thing id say that i personally think is a little off is that green light.

You can disable physics for rigid bodies at a certain frame, so if you drop the beans into a jar and they are mostly settled at frame 30 you can then disable the physics so they don’t jump around after that and you may be able to reactivate the physics at a point later in the animation for when you maybe want to dump the beans out. Not sure about that last one though.

The reflections on the glass jar look very good, the materials also work well. The motion blur is a nice touch.

I don’t know if it’s due to motion blur, or depth of field, but the jelly beans that are furthest from the jar are still quite blurry. I want to say it’s motion blur, because the floor appears sharp at the same points in the frame.

Your modeling and especially materials are all very good. I also like the idea of jelly beans being spilled out of a jar. If anything seems out of place, it is just that they are being spilled onto the floor. Perhaps adding something to justify spilling them onto the ground would help? Or placing them instead on a counter or table? That is all I can think of to critique. Looking great so far!

I used fluid particles for this, made things a lot easier! The green is just the glass material, but it does look a little strong. I’ll have a fiddle with it.

Thanks! Yeah, it needs more to it, still thinking of what to do. The blur is just motion blur, but I’ll have a play around with it to make it a bit more subtle.

Here’s the second WIP, I’ve tried to improve the motion blur, jar material, scattering of the jellybeans, and a few other minor things.