JellyFish (kind've)

(acasto) #1

I was messing around with the concept of a jellyfish and ended up with this. Oh well, I think I’ll go to bed anyways. I’ll post what I got done of the jellyfish anyways, even though it is pretty dark. But then again, if it wasn’t that dark, I guess they wouldn’t need to glow.

BTW… everything is done in blender, then brought together in gimp. But the lone jellyfish render is all blender only.

(acasto) #2

BTW… I’m not afraid of jellyfish. But the thought of one swimming in my blood makes me a little edgy :wink:

(Alltaken) #3

hell i’m shi**t scared of jellyfish all teire stingers and tenticles going on for metres and the fact they CAN KILL YOU.

but blood doesn’t bother me (actualy it tastes quite nice when it is my own)

nobodys ever died from blood but jellyfish are killers (he he he he)

its a cool pic

(Detritus) #4

Moody! Really good!