Jellyfish via Lattice (BLEND File Provided)

Hi All,

I got a private message from sjmcwhir asking me to explain the jellyfish lattice animation I used in the Aranciata commercial.

So I pulled the jellyfish out of the master scene and I am posting it here for all to see. There are actually two animated deformers for the jellyfish. One is a lattice, and the other is simply an empty hook attached to the bottom vertex of the tendrils. The tendril objects all share the same sub-curve, so only one hook is needed to control all the tendrils. The hook just has a cyclic animation as does the lattice. The cycles are of different lengths so they never “synch” up to one another. This adds to the organic look. The jellyfish reside in their own scene and are dupligrouped into the Master scene using an empty. The empty is following a path. This makes it easy to tweak the final animation by simply altering the curve the empty is traveling along.



ras_jellyfish_lattice.blend (267 KB)

Very cool animation Atom

Hi Atom

I know this is an old post, but the video and the animation are so cool that I have to say something.

I’m new to blender, and I see it moves very slow, I have an apple, so I suppose my graphic card ( ATI Radeon HD 5750 ) is not strong enough. or is this normal?

I’m running blender 2.57 this might be why is runs so slow in my computer?


I ran the blend that is to say I played it on the 3d view and it plays in real time/ normal speed . I pressed f 12 and looked at the top of my screen above the rendered image where it said time and it was .81 seconds thats how long it took to render. I have a quad core at 3.7 graphic card navidia 250
Sometimes my blends get slowed up for no reason I know of.