Following the tutorial from blender cookie.
Blender , cycles and gimp used.

Very nice. I know the tut you are talking about. I bet this looks really nice outside of this forum. I hate how when you upload an image to the forum it downsizes the file and takes a big dump on ur images. =)

Doesn’t it change the image to the original when you click on it a few times?

I’m also going to become a citizen soon.

Very nice render OP.

It seems that you mastered the tutorial :wink: .

Really fascinating. Good work.

Thank you very much.I tryied to put my touch. I hope i did it.

No this forum destroys images if you post them here. even if you abide by the 2mb limit it downsizes the images down to 200kb or less and they look like crap. You can’t even place images here locally that are full size. You have to link to them if you want a decent images. Pretty shit for a forum that is centered around graphics.