i have not posted in fisnished section for a while… a jellyfish swimming in an ocean…

sculpted in dynatopo, refinement of sculpt in zbrush, back to blender, and prepared scene. all materials are purely procedural … the rendertime was insane, even though this beauty rendered on my gpu still… but there is a lot of sss and transparency, and i think that was the culprit… anyway, i think, it was worth the wait: (slight enhancement of the render in photoshop)
i hope you enjoy…

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Already commented in the sketchbook topic.
A beautiful post!!!
Certainly a top row stuff. IMO

The shading and lighting is absolutely amazing, very good use of smaller details like the bubbles as well.

Now if only the image was a little bigger :slight_smile:

That’s one fine and scary jellyfish. I better not be fooled by its colorful guise. On a technical note, this is really well done. Like @Ace Dragon mentioned, it would be nice to see this on a larger version. Great to see you making stuff again, doris. :wink: - Reyn

thank you michalis.
thank you ace dragon… hmm that the image appears so small is due to the forum software, i am afraid, it is actually larger. so here is a direct link, that should display it in 1600x1200, which is the original size.
reynante thank you. actually, i never stopped creating, am very busy doing so, but most of my works i show in my sketchbook only, since it is “just” sculpt and not “finished” render as this jellyfish…

Very nice image! The shading on that jellyfish is commendable. How long did all that SSS and transparency take to render?

thank you ivxejay. it rendered around 4.5 hours, with only 250 samples…

nice result, doris. really cool material / lighting. it would make a nice desktop wallpaper.

Wow. For only 250 samples thats super clean! Very nice work

what I think about jellyfishes, they are one of the most beautilful creatures in our world, if your d make an animation with it, I could watch it for hours, but, if I d see it in real life, I would just run away exactly opposite side from it. becasue they are also creepy… :stuck_out_tongue:

modron, thank you… please feel free to use it that way :slight_smile:

Beautiful render Doris.

Very beautiful render!! I love the use of colors.

That has amazing colors and shaders. Love it.

Wonderful piece! Like it a lot! :slight_smile:

Beautiful color and lighting…the water looks/seems to have the perfect transition to the light of the sky…fresnel I guess it is…??..I’ve never been in their (jellyfish) part of the world…but…looks like it’s swimming in soda water…or maybe they fart alot…anyway …beautiful…

I got stung by a jellyfish for the first time in my life two months ago in Thailand. This brings me back bad memories, haha. But definitely a great work… I like the materials, but would definitely like to see a high-res version.