Jen - final

Hello - I have been working on this character for a while after almost a year break from character creation.
This girl “Jen” was made with Zbrush , blender and a final colorgrade in photoshop.
I did the major sculpting and texturing ni Zbrush, and everything else in Blender like modeling, shading, lighting, hair, and ofc Render in the Cycles render engine.

There is always more things to tweak but when I putted down 5 hours and dident see any progress the line was drawn and I am calling the project done. :slight_smile:

I higher resolution is on my artstation : if u want to give me a follow it would be appreciated, Hope u like cheers

Its alway fun to see the progress one makes and so I added a little progress sheet from my work 2016 to now . :slight_smile:



Enjoyed watching this one come together in the WIP section. She came out great! :smiley:


Hello , thx :slight_smile: yes she came out allright , sure some things i could have fixed but ye :slight_smile:

Wonderful work… you’ve come a long way and you should be very happy with the results.


thanks man ! :slight_smile:

It may seem like a long way, but it took you very little to understand how a real woman is made; for many of us a lifetime is not enough!

Joking aside, COMPLIMENTS!

heh ! :slight_smile: thx man ! :slight_smile:

Tremendous conclusion. And dont get me wrong, I also liked the direction of each of the other works. But she’s really polished and life-like. Also stately looking.

Hair, skin, and eyes are excellent. The texturing of lips and subtle blemishes and blood vessel in skin is really good-to-go. Proportions are great. And Her minimalist expression is great. (I think I dated her sister, once.)

I have two questions though …
How did you develop the skin? As stated it’s really good
And hair, the hair is really sleek and fine. How did you get it to translate to that? I’ve never been able to get it that, well realistic looking…

Again, Cudos for the diligent work. Lastly, if and when, you attempt another work, You will be absolutely amazed “how FAST” you’re able to sculpt up another head!!

With the equivalency of an Associate’s degree in CGI sculpting under your belt, you’llnow be able to do in a week what took you years, None of the experience will be wasted …

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Hello ! And thx alot :slight_smile: well the skin is actually just the princible shader and alot of maps, the hair is just time i guess. My first renditions even on this Chara was awful, but then slowly it gets right. And the shader for the hair is the princible hair shader. On tip would be to first get the connection to the head to look allright and the work your way down.

I watch a tutorial on blender cookie like 2-3 years ago about grooming realistic hair and thinks it still Holds upp, so check that out, really good :slight_smile:

Thanks agien mate , cheers

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

that’s an awesome work… wow congratulations.

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Thx mate :slight_smile:

Wow thats great, u have a nice weekend to Bart!!

U are doing a great job with both BN and Ba and on fb !

Great work. I like the lips here. I think you can improve the skin shader. Her skin looks too dry.

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Thanks alot ! :slight_smile:

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Very nice work. I like the skin and it’s rendering. Hair distribution on the head is also nice.

The long strands towards the bottom could get some love breaking the linear distribution.

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btw who is jen your girlfriend, sister?

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Haha naa :slight_smile: just the Characters name :), my wifes name is Linnéa

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Great work, congrats.

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