Jensen Button

Is this guy gonna pull it off again this Sunday? What do you think?

Im really looking forward to Monaco’s race.:smiley:

I think he just might do it. I would love to see Barrichello pull out a win and tighten up the championship. He has been one of my favorites for a long time.

This year has been a surprise to see Hamilton and Raikkonen and Massa struggle so much. Seems like for the last 2 years Hamilton was touted as possibly the greatest driver ever. But now it appears that the thing that makes a driver great is the quality of the car. More so than ever now. The car development seems to be the overriding factor in how well the driver does. Who ever thought that Ferrari and Mclaren would be trying to catch up to the development of the other cars.

Makes this year interesting for sure.

yes, any of those 20 guys in a good car can win the race on a given day, which makes it kind of boring for me.But i still follow it.
About jenson buton, i hate to see him winning because i he’s such a good driver, why couldn’t he win a single race in his first 100 races?

I think those drivers cant get any better but even they can make a mistake. When they do make a mistake they pay for it.

I really dont like seeing Brawn GP replacing Ferrari but better them (Brawn GP) then RedBull.

nascar is an enormous waste of gasoline, in my opinion. Seriously, we’re trying to conserve energy before we find an alternative energy source which doesn’t depend on Saudi Arabia’s willingness to continue to provide us with oil before it runs out altogether, and while people try to conserve, others drive around in a circle for hours on end to amuse those who like watching cars going around in a circle for hours on end.

LOL. We are not talking about Nascar. We are talking about real racing here. Bricks on wheels would be the last racing show I would fallow.

Look, it all blends together for me, it’s still car racing.

Here is an interesting paragraph from the Ross brawn interview on the Formula One web site.

Q: Ross, you must feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, as Formula One racing at the moment is a world full of paradoxes: some of the least successful teams of last year lead the championship this season. How is life in that fairytale world?
Ross Brawn:
Yes, it is a little bit surreal on one hand, but on the other hand it was all part of a plan that we had. Well, not necessarily a plan to be exactly where we are, but a plan to improve the team enormously. And that plan was to sacrifice 2008 and focus totally on 2009, because the new regulations gave an enormous opportunity. These new regulations gave an opportunity to teams which perhaps were behind with the old regulations. Our idea was: let’s forget about the outdated regulations and let’s get on with the new ones and concentrate on the car for 2009. The established teams didn’t have that luxury - they had to try to win the championship. And you can see that it hurt them at the beginning of the year. They are starting to come back now, but it was somewhat of a difficult compromise for them: do they sacrifice the 2008 championship for a strong 2009 or vice versa? I think it is one of those situations that arise every five to ten years when the regulations change. Any work that they did in 2008 was not usable in 2009 - it was wasted. We had a plan to make that step change that we needed to go forward and make the team more competitive, and in combination with one or two teams having problems we find ourselves where we are. And we are very delighted.

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