Jeremy's Sketchbook



Hello, I’ve recently been doing a lot of experimenting with Freestyle and NPR images. Originally, I was trying to replicate my real-life hand drawn style- which is fairly sketchy/blueprinty, but with some comic book thrown in, but this keeps evolving into it’s own look, which I’ve enjoyed messing with quite a lot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through some of my sketches.


I like this shader a lot :slight_smile: any chance you could add a breakdown of it? I look forward to seeing more of your work


Thanks! It’s a fairly involved shader (50+ nodes), which I may do more in depth commentary on later, but the basic idea is as follows:

  1. Convert shader to rgb to grayscale.
  2. Modulate with noise and 3 layers of voronoi textures (varying size and randomness).
  3. Add that result to, and use as a factor, to 3 layers of randomly oriented hatching, progressively overlaid based on lightness.
  4. Final color grading and then output.
  5. Combine that with 4 layers of Freestyle outlining, one black, one white, and two for sketch/construction lines.

Also new render for today:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks, you as well!

This is a putter I’d like to actually make in the real world. Maybe someday I’ll get around to it…

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