Jerks of the Ocean

Hello everybody! Me and two other people are working on a project called “Jerks of the Ocean”! But the really project page is in german --> ! The english page is in progress! But maybe we need some other people, who can rig, animate or model well for our movie! I hope here is somebody, who wants to join our project! If you have questions you can ask me!

Sorry for my bad english :wink:

Maybe we also need somebody, who can Texturing!

Ok, after a break I post here the first ship of the two. The pirate ship is “in progress”. But we still need a concept artist, an animator or more and a stylized character modeller in the style of ‘How to train your Dragon’ :wink: But may I should explain the plot of the movie^^ Ok there is a crew of 8 pirates sailing over the ocean. And one day they see a ship and don´t believe it. They are seizing the ship and bring all the booty on their ship. But a part of the booty are firecrackers, but they don´t know them. After that they are celebrating a party, and by a mistake they are lighten up the crackers. BOOM!

Here is the Shark :wink:

Thats the older version. The line in the mouth is fixed.

Wouaw i love this shark ^^

The front of the ship looks a little strange, the shark look awesome, some wireframes please?

Both OpenGLRender :slight_smile: But I don´t know, why the Shark is green…

looks soo cool

Our Groupvideos^^ Unfortunately only in German :frowning:

A shark animation test :wink:

Here is a Headtest :wink:

wow i like the shark animation really alot! But i want to see more of it not only 3 secs :wink:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Well this animation was only a test animation :slight_smile: We will make some other test Animation with this, but not in the next weeks :wink: !

Really good :slight_smile:

need some help translating to english? I can help translate the page!! ;D Auf Wiedersehen :smiley:

The head model looks good for the “How to train your dragon” style! I’ll keep an eye out for this thread!

@@Evil_Moon_MOose: We still need you :slight_smile:

beauties! love it

ok well excellent im ready whenever you are!