Jerky particle (object) Z rotation movements with the wave modifier on

Hello everyone,

I have a deformed grid with a wave modifier and a particle emission system. I use the particle system to display a certain kind of an object on various random positions and also randomize the direction they look towards to.

I have disabled Newtonian physics to get them to move with the wave. They seem to behave as I wish, except the fact that they keep jerking and rotating around, changing randomly direction when a wave moves below them.

What I actually need is the objects to 1) keep looking to their initial direction (which I need to be random from object to object), but also 2) be influenced by the faces direction (so when I deform the surface, they will change angle/bend the way the faces do).

Below you can find a .blend file demonstrating my current state:


I changed the type to “hair”, kept the newtonian physics, set gravity force to 0, activated “advanced” settings, activated “Rotation” settings and set Inital Orientation to “Normal”. And it is as close as I need it. Would be fun if the waves influenced the ‘hair’ normal like the deformation does, but at least it’s a step to the right direction.


In addition to the above, I changed initial Orientation to “Normal-Tangent” and enabled “regrow” option, and voila! EXACTLY what I was looking for!