Jerusalem: Knights; A game idea need help :(

Finished Things: First of all! A Major correction! The game is based on “The Second Crusade” not the first …:slight_smile:

River Scene (It has a somewhat animated reflecting surface :slight_smile: )
Camera & Walking (Works Perfectly now :slight_smile: )
Weapons, atleast for starters…
Human model (Not mine)
And a horse :slight_smile:

  • All weapons and the horse have been optimized for the blender GE :slight_smile: (Lowpoly)

Jerusalem: The Second Crusade

The Crusades
The first Crusade, “to bear the cross”, was a holy war against Islam called by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 AD. He exclaimed, “God wills it!” and told the clergy, knights and peasants present that their goal was twofold: to get back the lands of the Christian empire of Byzantium (Constantinople) in from a band of Turks who had recently converted to Islam and to liberate Jerusalem from the “godless infidel” – Muslims who had occupied Jerusalem peacefully for hundreds of years. The first Crusade was successful; Jerusalem was occupied and a Christian king enthroned.
By offering this assistance to the Christian empire and church of the East, Pope Urban thought he could help mend the first schism between the Church in Rome and Byzantium in 1054. Ultimately, this did not prove to be the case. The Crusades were also about protecting trade routes within and between East and West. At no time during the Crusades did any Christian leader understand the faith and culture of Islam. They demonized Muslims through ignorance and greed and created an enemy to be righteously exterminated.
It must be noted that the Crusades were not explicitly against the Jews. They had not inhabited Jerusalem in great numbers since the Roman destruction of the Temple in 70 AD which drove them into exile a second time. Ignorant Christians, however, incited by a terribly misdirected religious fervor, began attacking and killing Jewish people in Europe and the Middle East every time a Crusade was called.
All together, eight Crusades were called over the span of 200 years, though the fighting never stopped. Europeans, in great hordes of poor peasants, knights, and whole families, made their way to the East to supposedly liberate Jerusalem. They made the journey because they were promised the kingdom of heaven in return: forgiveness of sins, expiation of all guilt, and a spiritual reward in the kingdom of heaven; some hoped for material and political gain as well. They died by the tens of thousands on their journey or pilgrimage. From the First Crusade until 1184 - 1187 AD, the time of our story, a European Christian king ruled Jerusalem. And for the most part, Muslims and Christians lived peacefully together.
Ultimately, the Crusades were spurred on by misunderstood religious enthusiasm rather than faith. They were a doomed enterprise from the beginning for civilization; we continue to experience their effects even now.

You will be able to choose many things, are you Christian, Jewish or Muslim? From France? Italy? Arabia?.
Are you strategic? Or just head-on violent?.
Are you good? Or evil?
What do you look like?
What are your abilities?
Will you alter the world?

It will be an Action Packed RPG (LAN maybe?), full of dramatic music, epic scenes of battle and grief…
Great Landscape, maybe Criss can help?
There will be many combat types, swift and deadly(Dual wielding), slow and chrushing(Claymore), Strategic or head-on, ranged and melee…
You decide!

By what you do every day, you will be a good man, or not…

Go now! “The Holy Land” awaits you!

(V 0.100 Beta)
River Scene (Without Splash)
Sword, Axe, Flail, Shield()
Character (Phycics)?, AI…
(V 0.200 Beta)
River Scene (With Splash)
Short/Longsword(s), Claymore, Axe(s), Doubleheaded Axe(s), Flail(s), Shield(s)
Armor Variation , Leather, Ring/Chain/Platemail
+River Reflect (Phycics)?
(V 0,300 Beta)
River Scene (With Splash & Reflection)
Same weapons + (Dual), Dagger and Bows
Abilities,Menus,Kills, Headshots, etc, etc…
(V 1.000 Alpha)
3 Scenes (Icluding River Scene)
Weapons, Armor, Mounts, Bloodsplats and Decals, Dust…

Now you are probably sitting there thinking; What the f***? What is Splash? And making a reflecting surface, what are you dum? Thats so easy!
Well I’m talking about when you hit a river some water/splash effect should take place…And like not just blue, crappy water, I mean the real deal!
Anyway I’m getting the hang of camera control and movement, but I need help with AI, Parenting objects In-Game(Making the Character climb the horse, grabbing the sword, etc, etc. And health! How do I create health? :frowning:
Pretty much all the models have been made :slight_smile: ; Swords, Axes, Spears, Daggers, Horses, Landscape, etc, etc…

Now here are some pictures…
Landscape (River Scene)
Man (I didin’t make him/it)
Common Sword
Common Sword 1
Common Axe
Common Battle Axe
Viking Sword
Viking Sword 1
Common Dagger
Common Dagger 1
Common Dagger 2
Oh, and I was wondering, if any of you are familiar with the knife script?
It works excatly like a knife, just cut the models out, no need for careful vertic placement…
Anyway, maybe this could be implented to the weapons?

looks good, but what is this game? Third person? First person? Is it a fighting game I assume? RPG? Add more details about the game. Your models look good, especialy the horse.

First off, I would suggest that you get a little more familiar with the BGE and it’s functions before you start working on the actual game. This is the death trap that many new people fall into (I’v been around for a while, so trust me on that, games are much more complicated than people initially think).

For tutorials/demos visit the Tutorials sticky (at the top of this forum). It should have tutorials for most of the things that you want.

Then, if you find nothing there, use the forum search function to find topics on any specific matter (90% of the questions you will ever ask here will be questions already asked and answered, you just have to do a bit of searching to find them)

If none of that get’s you the answers you are looking for, post the question on the forums here.

Welcome to the BGE community.

Heh, my site is down for the long haul I guess. But my health bar tutorial can be found on Blendenzo’s site

Hope it helps.

Jason Lin

Thanks mates,
Oh and I’m waiting a bit so I can get those video tutorials(The Internet is free after 00:00 where I live :wink: )

And thanks for the health bar thingie :slight_smile:

Will edit first post :slight_smile:
Ok, In-game water movement is done, (I dont mean splash or reflections) it’s just like a stream:)

These models are awesome.

I especially like the Horse, and all the weps look sweeet.

Thanks alot matey, thought this thread was dying:p
Crap! Method aint working correctly…

In the blender tools the knife script is a subdividing tool used to add verticies. There is another tool used to split sections in your mesh known as rip which is done with the Vkey. These are modeling tools though and are not part of the GameLogic module. It is easy at first to assume that the modeling tools and the game engine are the same, but they are actually different.
If you look back through the forum you will see that Social knows what he is talking about here. We want you to succeed, so we don’t want you running down the wrong alley way and hitting a brick wall. Start doing the Research and Development, read through the forum to get a good overveiw of how the system works. I’m sure we all will help you as much as we can to get you where you want to be. :slight_smile:
Check out the stuff at the top of the forum!

Thanks mate:) That was really appreciated! :):smiley:
I’ll read it all tomorrow, it’s getting late over here…

Well…There has been some progress since yesterday :slight_smile: , the river scene is looking “ok” at the moment, camera movement is working (at least a little bit)…
Anyway here is a short movie of my ball floating around the “River Scene”… :slight_smile:
Jerusalem River Test 00

Well… I’m using Torque and Force to move the ball around, but how do they really work? And it keeps rotating…

Use Dloc to move the ball, Dloc is much better for moving stuff charaters etc…

But wont the ball move through the mountains then?

Not if its a dynamic actor, dynamic actors collide with your world (you can turn it off for things like water) .

Ok cool, thanks mate :slight_smile:
Now to rigging that man :slight_smile:

Rigging is a pain in the ass, :stuck_out_tongue: good luck on the game btw. :smiley:

Actually, the rigging is done, I just need to make animations and such :slight_smile:
And once again thanks :slight_smile:

I don´t know if this will help, but Deus EX could be a good reference, it has many things that you have said(except that it takes place in a near future), and it´s even better if you could get your hands at his SDK for learning purposes.

you can find info about it at google search, at almost any fan site

Sounds interesting… I’ll take a look at it :wink:
Oh, and I have some cool animated water now :slight_smile:

Yeah actually it would in some cases. DLoc moves you in units, so you might end up in a wall. Velocity or force would be much better, but the physics might still have you sliding a little bit.

Jason Lin

The physics are making the ball slide and rotate! :frowning:
Any way to fix this?