wasn’t going to post but couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

would of had hair but it looked crappy so i deleted it :smiley:

looky here its an edit:
here you go a scene :stuck_out_tongue:
Was easter card for girl from church she liked it :stuck_out_tongue:
why i only posted “jesus” :smiley:
but as you asked :-?


I’m all for free speech. So let me share my thoughts with the free thinker, broad minded guy you obviously are: Jesus is always an easy target but aiming and shooting at one isn’t exactly glorious. I think the subject is bigger than you and dealt in an offensive manner, particularly around Easter.

To go back to the picture, it’s plain ugly and not funny. However, I will grant you: it’s much easier to go for ugliness than beauty. So you’re not disappointing: you picked all the low hanging fruits: an easy target treated the ugly way.

So long.


% i wont say anything to the topic, i’ll stick to the technique:

the face is pretty well down, but the ears are plain ugly
and you shoud work on the finger/foot nails


Wait, I don’t think I expressed myself clearly enough, I’ll try again:

:o :o :o

Ok, now that I got that out of the way…

You obviously went for a certain style in this one and I don’t see anything wrong with it, maybe put, umm, jesus… in a scene?



Prett nice facial structure except for the lips, they kinda freak me out a little, yep definantly needs to be put in a scene.
Good work though.
God Bless

arnaud0: not ment to be offensive or ugly im sorry that you find it so

added scene pic :smiley:

What does it say? Is it supposed to be some kind of phonetic english or some other language? Translation please? Hair looks ugly.

Fly does it say: I’m alive again, now turn from your sin, I will take you to my yard?

I think maybe the cartoonish style you chose, may make some think you intended disrespect…

For the work itself though, not bad.

what going on my youth (everyone missis this bit)

me is alive again, now you turn from your sin and I will take you to me yard (heaven :wink: ) :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah what you said :smiley:

meant to be jamaican patois :stuck_out_tongue:

its looking really gangsta fly my blud , its gettin there cant wait for ur update bruvain :smiley:

ok…I might just be missing something BIG HERE…but WHY THE HELL do people think this is offensive??? I made a 3d stylised Jesus…it’s not like he put him on fire on an iversed cross!!! c’mon guys…this is a 3d, this is art, this is creativity forum…so let the guy express his idea, he said it even was for a girl at the church so his main intention were far away from insulting someone’s belief…gosh you guys really need to calm down…especially arnaud… (Lol @ “Jesus is an easy target” pfff )

Anyway, I like the picture. The hair could be better, but we all know how hard it is to actually get them right. I would try out some plane with an alpha map texture instead of using particles.

I like the scene…and it’s not UGLY at all… only thing about the face is that it could be smoother in some area

Keep up the good work!

Other than the hair I like the style alot the face is very unique.


What is everyone’s problem?!

It’s a lighthearted attempt at humor, how could anyone possibly find this offensive?!

If seeing Jesus portrayed in a cartoonish way with a bit of humor offends you, I think you need to go get a sense of humor, or ask yourself WHAT you are trying to defend. Is it your religion? I can’t think of any possible way in which a cartoonish portrayal of a religious figure could be offensive. Is it “diminishing” to your beliefs? If so, your belief in your religion is not very strong, and you are only trying to “keep from losing” your “faith”.

This is very sad.

I think the picture is funny.

how could anyone possibly find this offensive?!

that all started when people decided that it was a good idea to make life difficult for everyone else, i think.

I like it…minus the hair and the words. They arent funny or amusing (or offensive ;))

You guy’s are right. I take no offence in it.
However, want some offencive art, this is offensive to almost everyone I think, even non-religeous people, I made some for my church, keep in mind they wanted me to make this. It has a righteous purpose, but a story too long for me to tell right now.
Anyway here it is.

I Ban all discussoin on offesive not offensive art. If you do I KILL YOU!!!

Hair, I KILL YOU!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh The words were a personel thing… :slight_smile:
Except there message :-?
Glad you like the rest o pic

also save everything on pc to cd and now i lost cd :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Pleased to entertain 8)

As most people have said it for another styles: Jezus is a 3d modeling/rendering Guru. :stuck_out_tongue: Hey those renders are offline, :-?

I don’t support you defacing Jesus like this, he is not one that deserves such as this art describes.

Kansas, if Jesus can’t handle it, then he has no sense of humor. If you can’t handle it, then I think you need to check your beliefs, and aks yourself what you are really trying to do. Protect christianity? Protect god? I don’t think so. If god is omnipotent, and as good as christians say, then he should have no problem with a bit of humor. And I think christianity is widespread enough already so that it isn’t in any danger at all. :wink: