Jet afterburner flame.

I am attempting (without success so far), to create an afterburner flame for a fighter jet in 2.5. I’d appreciate some help on my settings in the smoke simulator (or a pointer to a tutorial). So far, my “flame” hasn’t set me alight :(.

Do you have an example of how your flame looks like right now?

Asides - my site is pretty much dedicated to smoke simulation tutorials currently.

@Raub: I checked out your inkdrop file, very nice. However, I can not get much performance out of the file on my dual 2.5Ghz laptop. Is this typical? If you don’t mind me asking, what are the specs of the system that you develop on?

It’s an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz. I never get much of performance out of any smoke simulations I run. Fortunately there is this magicall button called “bake all simulations” :slight_smile:

I’d say don’t use particles, use geometry/texture combo. Besides a neat quick history on jet engines, this site has a couple nice pictures at the bottom:

I’d say the smoke simulator probably isn’t the best tool for this job. You can try and decipher this particle system from 2.49. I never got around to looking at it myself, as at the time when I found this, I was a completely Blender noob and was completely overwhelmed by the file provided.

I’ve been trying to accomplish the same thing! I found this candle flame tutorial that Raub posted: I thought that if I turned the flame sideways, it would kind of look like burning jet fuel–with a cone-like shape . So far, i haven’t been able to get it to work. I was able to make a flame based on the tutorial, but when I linked it to my jet model blend file and rotated it, it didn’t render correctly. I really wanted this to work, but I might have to try the animated texture method. But if anyone can tell me how to control the angle, length, and general shape of this candle flame, that would be awesome.