jet car thing.....

i was inspired by Crititrozoz Futuristic Vehicle
so today i started my own. let me know what you thank of it. i need to work on the body behind the seat and make holes for the motor mounts to come out. i want to place seams for body panels. i should have made it in panels but i may try to cut it up. don’t know how that will work. need to run hoses to the motors and work on the lights and mirrors they look to small to me.
i want to add landing skids or gear, seat belts and something to balance out the front, looks to back heavy to me.

all so want to try to do some rigging i have not tried much of this bu t want to rig the motors so that i can pose them, can i do it so that they will move in within the confines of the shocks and brackets i have made?

also why does the paint look shiny in some spots and flat in others?


id buy it :smiley:

i was messing with octane render and renderer this for the hec of it. i used the materials in the render engine and in one image i mapped a reflection the longest i let any image “cook” was 7 min. i have a wimpy gforce 9500 gt video card.


Looks very cool, almost like a variant of a StarWars podracer. I especially like your last render, that metallic sheen is perfect. I think maybe visually it looks like those engines might just rip right off and leave the cockpit in the dust :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe some thicker/stronger looking mounts or smaller engine?

ya kinda absurd motor mount i do agree there.

smaller engine? never… :slight_smile:

bigger cockpit instead :slight_smile:
Love it :slight_smile: