Jet engine flame simulation

Sure. There is a more simple way to do it. Based on multiple mesh stacked over themselves with different animated colors and opacity shader with wavy fresnel.

Although this is a good idea I was wondering if this is possible with smoke simulation, :call_me_hand:t2:

A big hammer for a so small ant. In my point of view. Except if you want to make a movie about how to roast mosquitos. in my opinion.
What is before the flame seem more important. Isn’t it.

Ha :smile: probability right, but you just for the challenge of it…

Here is the concept… 10 minutes of job.For the moment the shader is simple… only to mimic the motion and the layers… really cartoon… but the base is really “healthy”.
adding more details with the same concept 'll be easy. to make it more…realistic.

Turbine.blend (808.9 KB)
@ebi also

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Thanks a lot for that ! Looks really nice, I see the potential.

gave it a quick try, such a good idea! it looks cool and i’m sure with some more tweaking and time spent on it it could look very cool.


jet.blend (982.2 KB)

Yes, indeed, it starts to look cool. I’m curious to see what ll be the result.
I’m Also playing with the concept at the moment. When i ll be done, i ll post it in my hideout here. To share it again with everybody.
feel free to post a comment over there to keep that gift place up on post, for the others to discover it.

ps: You’d better open the end of your blue shape to avoid guessing the geometry

Nice! I like it a lot

i mean Here for the comment.
Sorry i was not clear at all

Hey! I’ve opened your File! It seem that you dont like color ramps (sure it’s because you cannot replace a color by something else).
So in this version I’ve changed few things in your file.(few :innocent:)
Your last mix node in the jet shader was not clamped so it was going over one…that’s why your shader displayed a sort of blueish color at the flame’s tips in eevee.
-I’ve substituted this with a “manual color ramp” where you can input what ever you want…
(an example of use in the plasma crown).
-Added Two Objects for “Plasma” in the reactor.
-switch your animation curves to vector mode for a linear interpolation. Added a modifier in the graph editor for infinite repetition with offset on those curves.
-Changed the Reactor material for something …less shinny…and more burned at the end.
-Created a world material with the camera ray trick for having the equirectangular map lightning effect on a black background
Hope it’s not to much … i wanna keep it your…

jet.blend (1.1 MB)

ps: It seems that i ve lost the blue gaz around :frowning:

ditch the fire sim - keep the volume

love the math -

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:wink:… for the moment no sim no volume…
It ll come later

Ha :smile: I love the colorramp but just been trying to be specific with the color mix, could you expand on your manual color ramp clamp frame? What is the calc exactly?

The blue gas was another mesh with similar setup

This is not the desired result as I was going for a jet flame style :confused:

Yeah you just need to tune it

It’s a volumetric gradient distorted to make a cone on one side and then effect its mapping vector using noise

Could you share an example .blend file?

Volume_cone.blend (567.2 KB)


Ha! Very nice! That’s perfect

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