Jet engine

Jet engine, for some larger project. Trying my hand at very shiny objects. This is probably my best model so far.

Please tell me what you think!

My reference image:


I like the fan of the reference but do not understand the rest. 1 Month ago there was a realistic engine here on BA. Many hydraulic lines on the outside, but no cooling fins. Strange URL of your reference, What is the context?

Jet engines don’t have cooling fins like that,they have cooling built into the blades.

The Blade infront of a jet engine is what provides most of the propulsion via bypass air.The other air is compressed and mixed with fuel in the combustion chamber which creates force that runs though the back turbine and speeds it up.The backturbine is directly connected to the fan in the front.

Think of the front fan as the wheels of a car and the rest as the engine.