Jet Kave Adventure Run Animation

Heya! I’d love to share with you some of the handmade (no mockup, no mixamo) run animations for Jet Kave Adventure game. I’ve made about 230 gameplay animations only for this character as solo animator and half of the cutscenes for the game with this character as well. I was lucky to have a great programmer to code the movement. Implementation of the animations into Animation Controller and Timelines was also my responsibility.
I hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile: cheers!

More at: ArtStation


Great work ! congrats !

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Wow, this is really really good… fluid, stylized… nice!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Just wonderful. And very polished with all the secondary movements and overlaps. Well done!

How did you make the rope sway like that? Rigged? Physics?

Heya! The rope is rigged - I made every secondary movement by hand. Rope and Hair have few bones, like 3 to 5.
Also entire face is on a seperate rig, to switch it on only for the cutscenes and switch it off for the game due to optimization purposes. Maybe this inside mp4 will help :slight_smile:

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That is SO cool! Would love to see a process video of the modeling. Cheers & Congrats! =]