Jet of some sort

Right then, I did this in a couple hours this evening. Tried to recreate a model I lost when my machine crashed, and it turned out very different.
The NOR maps could use some tweaking. Does anyone think that the maps are a bit too much? Too many panels and what have you?

What ho.

Copy and paste.

I really like, for some reason, the profile from the top…

yes this could use some work, for no reason would they have that many panels on the rear main part of the rocket, in real life you would have a large panel so as to make it more airodynamic. So to answer your question yes re- working is needed.

Right then, so you think that just the textures need work?
The modelling’s all right?

I think the texturea aren’t bad, you just need to lighten up the lines some. Try a higher resolution map with thinner lines, and maybe reduce the Nor value.

The back-end of the central fuselage looks a little off. Maybe it should taper out more. Seems to sort of end abruptly.

well, yes modeling is good exept that wings need to get a little more thiner twords the outside and yea darken the lines but make them smaller as teo said. And like my last post less compartments near the back. <edit> Make the wings wider at conjunction and thats about it forget about making thinner, do not know what I was talking about.


What do you mean by “making the wings thinner at conjunction?”, rush?

ok left is where it needs to be a little bigger, right is a sugested shape.

plane could not take off with wings so thin, unrealisticly thin!

Ah, I see! Yeah, that’s just a lighting problem. I fixed it by putting a single lamp in underneath. New front render.

Is that more like it?

ah yes lots better, looked like it had curved cardboard for wings