"Jet Trailing"

Hey Blender Artists, I am looking for a solution for a problem dealing with jet vapor. I am trying to make a fighter jet game, and so far, I am having a problem with the jet vapor. The problem is that I would like to have the vapor only appear in certain times and/or certain turns, while I am flying. How would I accomplish this?:slight_smile:


I would try putting some logic on the jet that looks for those cases, and then enables particle emitters for those fluffy white lines that the airplane leaves behind (Bonus point if you caught that reference).

How’s your python?

Unfortunately, I have little experience with python, I only know the basics of coding. However, I am trying to understand the language, in order to make my games seem more advanced.

Cake? I always thought it was “fluffy white lies”.

Maybe it is fluffy white lies :stuck_out_tongue: (But I was definitely thinking of Cake :slight_smile: )

For the turning you need some way to detect rotations in the plane, or perhaps on keypress will work as well, e.g. when a key to turn is pressed, the emitters begin emitting particles to generate the contrails. In fact, now that I think about it, that maybe a good solution for logic bricks.

Try this with my long-abandoned project.