Jet Turbine - dupliverts?


I need some help. I want to modle a jet turbine. I have the casing but I am not sure how to create the spinning blade assembly. So that they are all uniformed in shape and length and spaced properly. I want to automate this. I was thinking I should use dupliverts to create the blades around a central shaft. I want to keep this as simple as I can. I sure could use some help if anybody has any ideas. If dupliverts is not the right tool I am open to the correct way. Thanks much.


Just use spin?

Spin would bring in a lot of geometry. My vote- duplis.

So if we are going to let go less vertex… Use a particle system.

So i have done it! :smiley:

It is really simple just attached one wing as a particle object to a circle :]

And blend file :] on first layer you have whole engine and on the secound there is my simple studio :smiley: for testing matterials when i’m bored.

turbine.blend (684 KB)

naaaah there is only the problem with rotating because i just add a simple circle for particles… you have to work on it but it will work :]

@ Kramon What a coincidence ;). Dupliverts give about the same picture… While i was struggling with that curvy thing they print on middle cone to see if this thing rotates, you’ve got render out! Nice one.

So, in general terms, what’s the difference behind particles and this duplificikation thing?
For me using dupliverts is shorter side panel, less parameters to tinker with.
Are there any advantages in using particles?

Hm i have never play with dupliverts. So i don’t know, but + and - about particles:

  • you can easly change shape of a wing… like some material or add 2 materials it will add for whole? i don’t know is it working same in dupliverts.
  • Particle count’s once! so you can do a wing witch is 20k polys. And repeat it 50 and it will be still 20k polys.
  • a lot of settings problems, some rotating issiues sometimes. You have to spend some time to set it good.

You have to do some test and compare :]