Jet Vehicle [Final adjustment]


[![ pics/final%202.4.2_thumb.png]( pics/final%202.4.2_thumb.png)]( pics/final%202.4.2.png)

i would have called this finished but after thinking about the replies to the post in the finished projects area i think that it needs some serious reworking.
as i dont want to disturb the order of this forum i post this where it belongs:
the textures are just a basic approach to see how it looks like
i will search for further textures and apply them
the white thing at the top is the background, visible because i forgott to put the celing back on after editing
please assist me as i have never really worked with textures before


Wow looks nice! Maybe you could add some detail and some textures to the tools off to the left. They look kind of bare at the moment. Otherwise looks really great! Good luck!

wow! yeah, nice looking.

i am just wondering, how does it take off and land?

maybe it could be a – but with jets ^^

…probably not a real technology atm…

thanks emesee
to be honest … i dont know how this moves maybe its more of a car than a plane gliding above the ground, i really have no idea, i dont think it can fly in a way like a plane there are some vital parts missing for stabilisation.
maybe the only way it ever moves is staight to the junkjard :slight_smile:

Ok im stuck …
i added a new set of textures and one more light
a quick preview looks like this

but after applying a bump map to the floor and no other changes the whole scene changed to this

i cleared the bumpmap texture from the ground but that didnt change it back

sry for the bad quality these are just previews
any ideas how to fix thos??

can anyone pelease help me ???
i would be happy to get my textures back
any suggestion might help
i bet im not the first one with this problem
if you know something about a global texture disabling switch blease tell me

wow i liked the preview of it with all the textures but i have no idea what happened with the bumpmap

Did you by any chance mess with the lights? Maybe make your key light Neg?

It almost looks like its just not loading the textures. you might want to reload all of the images and make sure the path is right.

ok i dont know what strange magic blender was using but after loading a previous save applying bumpmaps works.
i did quite a lot of things:
reworked the carpaint to be more carish
exchanged a lot of textures
found a nice texture for the toolwall
added three more lights
added winows to the wall
added some real bumps into the floor and added oilstains into theses bumps
applied a lot of bumpmapping (needs reworking)
so the render looks like this

as the render was finished i saw the following wich needs reworking:
samples of the buffered shadows need to be turned up
specularity of the ground needs tweaking
ceeling texture looks somehow strange
i hope you like it
C&C welcome

ok here i go i got a new floor texture and havnt forgotten the ceeling this time but i forgott to change the bumpmap issue on it so it still looks weird.
i thougt i was a good idea to break up the symetry of the vehicle, and as this is supposed to be a shop taking it appart seems to fit

i hope you like it please leave some comments

jeey im productive today
just a small update
fixed the ugly ceeling and tweaked the floor

and some closeup of the opened jet

C&C as much as you can plz

This finds favor in my eyes!
Well done, but i liked the first paint job that was all swirly!

i would add some detail to the center of the body, cause the lines and curves of the vehicle are hard to follow with that much mirror mod applied.

but other than that… awesome render

thanks for your comments
@Photoguy thanks,
i like reflections too but i thought i might be more realistic that way

@deathcabforbk im trying to figure out a way to do that without being to hard, i tried several things but they all dont look satifying so i will keep on trying

and by the way i created a tank cap and thought you might want to see it before it dissapears into the background

Looking good.
If you don’t already know about it, you should check out the F1 challenge. There is info about it in a sticky in the News forum. Of course you would have to make an open cockpit design for the F1.

thx for the advice havnt thought about that yet, but does it really have to be an open cockpit, i cant see the rules on the page it just says “The rules: stay tuned”.
but if that is so its not a huge problem to change it

WOW! thats super detailed! though the ship does not quite look to scale with the work bench. would a human really fit in there?
but great job anyway!

havnt thougt about the size yet its quite difficult to change because had to apply the subsurf modifier i hope its just the angle of the image that makes that impression
but thanks for the hint

ok after thinking about it i decided to take the challenge and create a cockpit heres a detail.
its a little dark and the carbon material needs tweaking and other parts too buts just to show the current state:

thanks for all comments

tht is really nice. it has come along way and i really like it =)