Jetpack RCS Drivers?

I would like to move/rotate the empty (circled in the upper right), and I want that to control and toggle the thrust/exhaust that comes out of these RCS thrusters on the jetpack. I am aiming for the translation of the empty to be set as a driver that moves the black location on the colorramp, which controls the transparency/gradient level of the thruster.
Example: When Empty = 0 on Local Z axis, then bottom thrusters are off. When the empty is moved to its maximum Z Axis value of 0.2, then the thruster will be all the way on. I want this concept to match across all thrusters, respective to the empty’s local location.

How would I configure the drivers to do this?
Thank you in advance!

color ramp texture is not drive-able,

you have to control it in other way, eg by alternating inputs or lerping two different color ramps

What Irreversible_Extents wants to do is drivable:

You select the color ramp handle you want driven, and then make a driver for the “Pos” field of the color ramp.

Yes, I know they are driveable, but I want to know if the driver value can be inverted. I have my colorramp shown above, but set as a normal driver, if the empty is moved up, then the thruster will throttle down, with zero being the full throttle value. I am aiming for the other way around, where at its default position, the empty at (0,0,0), will cause the thruster to be off (the black value in the color ramp will be at the desired .90 in the colorramp).
I hope that makes sense, it probably could have been phrased more simply.

Sure, use a scripted expression for your driver and use the expression to remap the empty position to new values:

You could also do this by editing the driver curve.

Okay, this makes sense. I have a good amount of experience with Blender, but only recently have I been getting into drivers.