Well, I make this pendant since a drawing. It’s my firt creation posting to Elysium. :expressionless:

Sorry for my very bad english ![/img]

a little too blurry and colors are slightly too vivid. But beside this it’s nice :slight_smile:

that is sweet! but what is that dirt or something and the distant blurred object oh and what type of jewel is it again?

Nice image.
I am assuming that the greenish dark shapes on the right edge of the pendant is part of the string/chain it is attached to. That is not very clear at the moment. Reducing the Depth of Field effect to bring more of the scene into focus might make this stronger.

Good work.


Can be very nice… The image doesn’t seem to be very clear though…

Looks nice. Blur gives it a nice touch and hides the artifacts. :wink:


nice concept and well modelled and rendered.

Except one weird bug. Do you see those red stones? they look cut, yeah? or rather, they look like they’re SUPPOSED to be cut. The lighting in this scene is a bit odd… somehow the flat top of the red stones looks like it’s a part of the cut sections. hmmm i’m probably not explaining it right. I think it’s a problem with the light being reflected off of the stones.

A bit blurred in my opinion, and the way you made it and the camera position, it looks like the red stones sink into the handle type thing.