Jeweled Dragon

I decided to make a 3d model of this character of mine, his name is pearl. any critiques on what I have so far are much appreceated


A nice start so far.

The sculpt could use some refinement on the edges if possible, but that may not be completely doable until the retopo phase.

yeah, I’m currently doing cleanup and detail, some of it might be fixed then

done with the sculpt, onward to materials and retopo


retopologizing, feel free to give advice


You’re retopoing the scales too?

While my personal approach is to do the scales via Cycles microdisplacement, if the time it takes is no problem then feel free to keep doing it.

well I’d like the model to not be cycles-exclusive, it should look good in EEVEE too, and on sketchfab, and, more importantly, the scales are acctually so large that they mess up the bake if I just retopologize over them ![image|326x401]

detopologized, unwrapped and baked a normal map (also for some reason freestyle rendering took really really long)

(I’ll just use my twitter to embed the turntable since the gif is too big)


looks fantastic great job :heart:

thank you =)

trying to figure out the crystals, don’t really know what I’m doing tho

still unsure of what I’m doing, suggestions/ critiques much appreceated

Not much of a critiques and more of a question or two:

Did you paint the edges or are you using geometry node to highlight them ?

I would play with transparency/Subsurface to let some light pass through, but since they are not the main focus and with how many crystals you have, render time might get horrendous.

Also, crystals are usually partially transparent with a high IOR. You can go even further by adding interior detail to give the illusion of depth.

It really depends on the level of realism you’re after.

I hand painted the edges, geometry was giving me trouble, also, forgot to mention, I want it to be realtime friendly, so sss/ trancparency arent really viable

I messed around with that, but decidet to keep it opaque with just a slight illusion of tranclucensy, for one so it’s real-time friendly, but also it’d get quite a bit noisy and hard to read given the amount of crystals.

I’ve decided I’m done with this version, I’m concidering it a practice round. I’ll make new ones for the actual derg

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also here’s an eevee render, looks better, I still need to figure out exporting stuff to sketchfab

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texturing the skin

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almost done
any thoughts /critiques
also anyone know an eevee friendly procedural geode-ish material?