Jewelery Lighting Artist

Hi everybody

I am looking for a lighting artist that can create blender scenes for lighting jewelery. The end goal is to render the environment in a spherical panorama, so it can be used in a game engine. so the lighting should be excelent from the camera perspective but also very good from different angles and needs to be complete (all viewing angles). Of course you can combine it with existing HDRs.

Most important issues:

  • The light setup needs to light one Ring in the middle of the scene (no diamonds necessary)
  • It needs to cover most viewing angles (not from below, though).
  • There needs to be a delicate balance between as low contrast (soft) as possible without loosing the effect or impression of full glossiness (because GE AA methods often have issues with correcting areas where the reflected environment gets squished)
  • There are several types of rings - concave, convex and flat profiles. Ideally the map I am looking for covers them all, but it would also be good to split them into 3-4 cathegories and create 3-4 lighting situations, depending on the geometry of the ring.
  • Be aware that a scene should also cover lighting for different materials like brushed, sanded or scratched surfaces, but in my previous tests the polished ones are the hardest to handle.

Please include samples of your previous work in your application.

Please do not apply if you’ve never created lighting for Jewelery, as it is a very specific task and I need high-end quality for this matter.
Thank you.

Yup, lighting & rendering metals, crystals, glass, gems, plastics… is a very specific field of expertise.
Personally, i still haven’t found a general & ideal studio lighting scene.

Would be nice if you’d provide an example of what you’re after, for possible artists to easier recognize the intricacy of work involved.
I assume it’s also for baking purposes, if it’s for GE…