jewelry test: gold & silver in action

How do you get all those crazy patterns like that? Does it have something to do with bump mapping?

I wouldn’t say Bump mapping, I would either assume carful modelling or a displace map. Or course, from the angles and views given, it is hard to be sure. I would assume that the letters are done with a bump map, or displace map. In partnership with a spec and reflectivity map.

Very nice materials, care to share them with us in the community?

engravement letters are actually bump-mapped texture, drawn in gimp.
displacement or boolean intersection would require very high poligon ratio, i’m not sure my equipement is ready for this.

lattice on plate is bump-mapped generated texture “magic” depth 0
silver darkening is ambient occlusion with factor 1.5 baked and textured.
(rendering AO slowdown process by 4 times!)

curves made with (surprise!) curves with bevel 0.05, and 2 repeater modifiers (there are 2 loops)
i put bezier knot on every self-intersection to move it in z/deth direction - that was quite tricky due to modifiers.

materials itself are quite simple.

gold (taken from tutorial by firechild):
diff Oren-Nayar: 0.5; RGB .780 .520 .130 roughness 0.5
spec: 0.5; RGB 1 1 1, hardness 90
mirror: refl 0.5; RGB 1.0 .672 .171

silver (should be tweaked better):
RGB .675 .675 .750
diff: 1.0,
spec: 0.5; hardness 90
mirror refl: .75

when i tried to post video with full material description - the message was denied.
“checked for too many urls and bad words” (there was 1 url and 1 bad word in youtube description)
only the link alone was approved, but after pre-moderation during 24 hours.

i’m sure this forum is not best place to share our works.

Usually the forums are ok, but sometimes we get a bit of bad luck :wink:

I used and tweaked that Gold material, tried to make it a “softer” gold colour. Unfortunately, the .blend with it inside is on my other USB, and Right now I need this one in to render something…

Still, saved a little text file with both of those, good to have, less googling :wink: