Jewels - animation project

I working on an animation.
This is its first 50 sec.

The story I want: camera moving around the chest. Then the chest opens, and we see beautyful jewels etc. Camera moving into the chest and flying between the jewels. So we can see the beauty.

I want a small stupid animal (spider, insect, mouse - I don’t know) who want to steal a jewel through a crack of the chest. I want humorous animation.
But I can’t make animation. :slight_smile: I can make only moving cameras and beautyful scenes.

Somebody can help?

I want do an atmospheric and nice animation with small humour, good music etc.


good light,
good materials,
good mist.

I’d switch the ‘Real’ button on in the World settings to have the mist gradient mark the rea horizont and not staying fixed in the camera middle.

Camera movement is good, very smooth.

TO open the chest it’s easy, just learn Key Frames (go to tha last frame the chest is closed, select the lid, press I-Key, select LocRot.

Go to the frame where the openoing movement should end, open the lid, press I key again. This will do it.

For the small animal I suggest a mouse. You’ll have only 4 legs and a tail to animate, and mice tend to be humoristic. Spiders have 8 legs to animate and are less funny, unless you are very clever in giving it a personality.

Keep it up


This is done:
-chest opening
-in the chest, there is many jewels etc.

Mouse ok, but hard work to make skin… is’nt it?
I think, a stupid 4 legs insect better.

I don’t want to be a smart ass, but you’ll have a very hard time finding a 4 legged insect…from a deterministic point of view that is… :smiley: :o

Let me know if you need any reference pics for Jewells and gem stones, i have lots of those!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!