Jewels & bling

(Damien Rohrbach) #1


Designs made for my new jewellery tutorial!
Enjoy :slight_smile:

(DevilsDJ) #2

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial video, love watching another blenderhead create jewelry! I was curious, are you using Cycles for your renderings and if so what are your settings? The reason I ask is the fact that I have been working on some precious metals and gemstone shaders that I would love to have another jeweler check out and give me some feedback. I think your models will work great for testing purposes!

Have you heard of Jewelcraft for Blender? If not I highly recommend the addon.

As always great work and keep the posts coming!

(Damien Rohrbach) #3

Hi, Great! Yes, I use Cycles. I would be nice to try your shades. Can you send me blend files or how would you like to proceed?
I have seen Jewelcraft around but for my work flow it is almost useless (but I could future it in video to promote it) , given that for creative reasons I almost always start from scratch and never use pre-made tools, structures or settings.

I am very glad of your post and to hear that jewelry design is getting interest with Blender.

(Member) #4

I like it very nice…

(Damien Rohrbach) #5

Thank you! Much appreciated

(DevilsDJ) #6

Here’s a quick preview of what I’m working on. These have mostly correct IOR for gemstones and I’m slowly tweaking the metal shaders, adding procedural textures to them as it were. They’re fairly simple for the most part. I can post a blend file when I’m done or if you’d like to see the nodes I can post some screen shots for you?

(DevilsDJ) #7

(Damien Rohrbach) #8

Ok, nice. So, my idea: I would like, if you can send me your blend file, to create designs with your materials, and then I’ll give you my opinions and views?
(the only thing is that I am very soon leaving for a 6 weeks holiday, so I’ll have to ask for some patience :sweat_smile:)

(DevilsDJ) #9

Sounds good to me! I’ll see about getting something put together for you here soon, but no worries on a time frame! These are a slow work in progress, trying to make it easy for folks to just add a material, tweak to their liking and then render away. It is interesting to note that different cuts in the stones really effect the way that the gemstone materials appear.

(DevilsDJ) #10

I’m thinking that maybe we should start a new thread in the Testing area for posting results and research?

(Damien Rohrbach) #11

Yes, good idea. So we will start that thread when ready