jewlrey design and measurements

Hi Guys

I have just started using blender to design jewelry. I have used softimage many years ago but felt it might be too heavy to get into again to model the forms i need. Have you guys any thoughts on weather I should use blender to model jewelry I had considered Rhino but thought blender felt better as in is a poly modeler. oh and I have just modeled a piece I am happy with but realised I had started with the scale all wrong. I was able to scale it down and with measurements turned on I got it down to the right size. However I think I may need to freeze the scaling or something as any object I introduce to the scene has the orginal scale setting. ie my piece appears in mm and a cube which sits along side it will be metres.

if you want precision in mm then you should change the scene scale down a little

then there are sites with OBJ gems shapes available which you can use
unless you have some custom shapes you need to do

so don’t see any problems to model any gems
you can always ask questions on forum for any problems you can encounter while using blender

and welcome to blender forums

happy bl