JiggleArmature new version

just wanted to let you know a new version of JiggleArmature is available

  • Simulation frame rate independent from scene frame rate for consistent simulation , the fps of the scene no longer affects the simulation behavior, time sub-stepping was removed since it’s no longer needed, you can change the simulation frame rate for an armature in the JiggleArmature settings in the Armature tab
  • Custom rest pose you can set custom rest poses for the bones
  • Bake simulation button is back for selected bones and for all bones (in the scene tab)
  • Improved solver it’s more stable than previous versions even on large chains of bones

sorry for the lack of updates on this, it has been a bit difficult to work on this due to various circumstances, anyway, if you find any bug or want some feature to be implemented feel free to summit an issue on the github project https://github.com/cheece/JiggleArmature/issues


What version of blender is this for?

Whoa, great to see this project is not abandoned! It’s been very useful in my projects.

I don’t know if you’re open to feature requests on this thread, but I’d like to mention that the one major feature JiggleArmature is lacking is collision detection.

Here’s my example scene of where Jiggle Armature was used:

The horse hair/tail and human character’s hair were utilizing Jiggle Bones, but due to lack of being able to set a (deforming) geometry for collision, the horse’s tail animation required significant time to make it work.


ha! figures! I just saw this after making my own version of a jiggle bone solution for 2.8 since I missed yours so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, I really like the touch where the user can edit values for all selected bones at once. super convenient!

I tried to download the latest version from GitHub, I’m not sure if its actually the 2.8 updated version?

the blender version still says 2,77,0. I changed it to 2,80,0 to get the interface to show up but it still seems to be running into errors with matrix multiplication (I know they’ve changed the syntax to Matrix1 @ Matrix2 rather than Matrix1 * Matrix 2.

There’s a “blender-2.8” branch in github , check

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