Jiggling using Jiggle Armature addon

Hello there,
I am testing the jiggle armature addon (https://github.com/cheece/JiggleArmature) to jiggle some hair. I was sucessful with the first hair I applied it to, but now I am getting some issues.

I have the hair with the bone for the fringe, the bone is loosely following the fringe. However when I activate the jigglebone option, the bone immediately tries to point down. Almost as if it was following gravity? When I rotate the hair, the bone still tried to point down.

Any idea what to look for? Again, when I tried it with different hair, the bone stayed at the original rotation and jiggled around this position. This leads me to believe that the issue is not really with the addon, but rather some thing I did or didn’t do with the armature (the armature with the first hair came with the hair).

There’s a new version of the JiggleArmature that you could try. It’s version 2, so a major update.