Jim Carrey Study (In Maya)

Just improving the likeness and eyes.
now some hair :wink:


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This is great, must have taken you a long time to do this. The skin texture is very well done. I can only hope to be as good as this one day!

hey,thank you.
with a couple more maps the skin could look a little better.
with the power of internet all the knowledge is out there waiting,you can make it :wink:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks bart :smile:

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I actually came in here just to say that it looks perfect besides the HDRI reflecting in the eyes, but I see you fixed it already :joy:

Amazing work!

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Thanks buddy!

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I think at least part of it is that the hair and especially the hairline didn’t change. That alters a lot of how we see a person’s face.

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Hi @George_Siskas,

I’ve merged your three topics regarding your Jim Carrey model together. Please try to keep a subject in one topic to avoid clutter.


yeah thanks i meant to do that but didn’t know how :wink:

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Looks great!

one suggestion tho, the upper eyelid, how much mascara is he using?

hehe,temporary eyebrows :wink:

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I thought i’d take a chance and improve my Jim Carrey model,this time by making the hair in xgen and rendering it in arnold.
These are some raw renders straight from arnold using just a bump,normal and base color map,just to see the ss.
More soon


Merged threads.

You did it in maya?

Probably just rendered in there(for arnold)?

Thanks :smile:

Rendered in maya :wink:


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