Jim- Character Project*UPDATE_Head*

Alright, Im starting work on a guy for a future animation. The basic character specs are as follows:

middle aged, overweight, kind of sad/ foolish and stupid(redundant?)

heres a grey render of his head
and a wire of the sub-d model

All C&C welcome, the model is obviously i its early stages. Im always a bit nervous about starting heads(human), Cause Im always thinking theyll take forever.But, I always forget, they arent that tought, they just take a while to work out.

Yeah…there we go, I feel better.gets off the couch wow, youre a great therapist…


No nostrils?

nah, Im going fairly simplified.

If it bugs you that much, I may add them later, but nostrils are a pain to add when using the mirror modifier…

Anyway, update:
Some work on the nose, finished the back of the head, added ears(obviously); ears are simple, Only a bit more work to get them looking nice…
side shot:
not quite normal shape, but it looks about right. needs a bit more flab behind the chin.

yeah, so, any C&C welcome

he looks like a tiki.

wiki waki wiki waki, lol
I like this dude. Maybe his cheeks could be a little ‘fatter’?

@framedworld: uh…yeah, thanks I guess…

@zanz: Yeah, I might fatten them up a bit, but Since hell be used for animation, that would mean a lot more work, since im trying to use the softbody mod to simulate the flab…

thanks for the comments…

Dont forget the teeth though.What kinda of plans do u for him mayn??

yeah, teeth are usually close to last.

Plans, hmmm…Well, Im still working a story, well see how this goes…

i meant with the modelling…

oh :slight_smile: fatter dude, big jacket…like trench coat…
yeah, it’ll be a kind of spur of the moment thing, no real set plan…

evil or good??

alrighty, moving on to the body…
tried a tiny bit of comping to help the shadows and lighting.
Al C&C welcome

flabby men don’t have square tits.

also currently his belly looks like he’s actually malnourished because the rest of him is fairly small, and he has a pot belly (bloated from malnourishment).

look at lots of references, the easiest mistake is to make him bloated, not flabby.

yeah, Hes going to be a sort of homeless dude, so the malnourished look is on purpose. Im not going to worry to much about how his body looks, as he;ll be wearing plenty of clothes(and a trenchcoat) to cover it up…

Thanks for the crits moley